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Honey Grill

Honey Grill Restaurant

About Us

Honey Grill is a Casual American Takeout Restaurant with a hint of Caribbean flavor. We offer a variety of items on our menu for all occasions at affordable prices.

There is something on our menu for everyone. we offer a vegan quinoa salad and black bean burger for our plant base lovers. Our Jumbo Potato Surprise is a full meal and is served with your choice of jerk or lemon pepper chicken breast, grill shrimp, or our world famous Philly Cheese Steak.

Try our Jerk Leg Quarters that have been marinated and seasoned in homemade jerk seasoning - charred on the outside and juicy on the inside.

Ask about our House Made Lattice Potato Chips with Beer Craft Cheese.

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Our Mission

“Efficiently serving flavorful food with quality and care in a pristine environment”

Get Ready To Be Hit With a Load of Flavors

Established as a family-friendly restaurant in (2016 year) in Lauder hill FL, Hone Grill was an instant hit! Our energetic and fun atmosphere helps families get together for an evening of fun and great food.

From salads to grilled chicken, appetizers to Potato Surprises, Honey Grill offers a wide variety of options everybody is going to enjoy. We’re known for our juicy fried and grilled chicken along with saucy wings. And no, we have not forgotten our vegan guests! If you’re vegan and looking for food places in Florida, walk into Honey Grill and let us serve you our famous quinoa salad and black bean burger.

Not to forget our Jumbo Potato Surprise! This is a full meal which is served with your choice of jerk or lemon pepper chicken, our famous Philly Cheese Steak, or our grilled shrimps. Once you try this out, you wouldn’t want to eat potatoes in any other form. That’s not all from our menu. If you are craving something a little meatier, try out our Jerk Leg Quarters. We marinate and season them in our homemade jerky seasoning. You’ll be surprised to see how charred they are on the outside yet so juicy inside!

There is a reason why we have the reputation of being one of the top restaurants in Florida. We offer a punch of flavor along with quality, which guarantees that you will keep coming back for more!

Our Mission

Our mission is to offer incredible taste at an affordable price and in a friendly environment.

Our Vision

Our vision is to make fantastic food and offer a warm, welcoming service. We believe in giving back to the neighborhood, along with running an efficient and profitable business.

Are you ready to satisfy your taste buds and Caribbean cravings? Walk in for the ultimate Honey Grill experience!

Efficiently Serving Flavorful Food!